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March 2nd, 2019
Our 2019 event marks our 15th year of hosting the Pacific Model Loggers Congress. We're planning to make the 15th a fun, memorable and productive event for all concerned. We're actively soliciting clinic presenters for the March 2nd event, and interested parties can call or drop a line using the Contact Us form.

Pacific Model Loggers Congress
Preserving logging history in three dimensions
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Model railroad trains / diorarams
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Camp 18
It’s hard to miss the roadside sign for Camp 18. Look for a giant, beautifully done log cabin surrounded by logging artifacts of all kinds.

Chainsaw Carvings
Chainsaw carvings of Bigfoot, loggers and wildlife are artfully displayed around the Camp 18 restaurant building.

Camp 18 Buffet
Belly up to the buffet or select a traditional meal in the restaurant. You won’t leave hungry, and be sure to check out the famous Camp 18 cinnamon rolls.

Steam Donkeys
Steam donkeys, a fully-rigged spar tree, a band saw, hardware and railroad equipment are among the displays at Camp 18.

Logging Caboose
A pair of logging cabooses, a heelboom-loading-equipped crane and an arch are displayed at Camp 18. Bring your camera and tape measure to gather modeling information!

Camp 18 Lodge Back Porch
Congress participants enjoy the Oregon Coast Range fresh air at the Camp 18 “back porch” during a break in the action.

California Western #44
This well-done HO scale model depicts the California Western #44 2-8-2 and is bas ed on the brass model by Northwest Short Line.

Jeff Johnston's Diorama
Jeff Johnston’s HO scale model in the “Mini Diorama” class – no side dimension in excess of 12 inches – portrays a woods camp scene somewhere on the Sugar Pine Lumber Company line.

Lon Wall
Our genial event co-host, Lon Wall, regaled the crowd with a story that was sure to amuse the gathered enthusiasts.

O-Sacle Makenzie Iron & Steel Works
No dealer area would be complete without a display of O-scale models by McKenzie Iron & Steel Works, all of them the handiwork of master craftsman Bill Roy.

Merv Johnson
Merv Johnson helped fill in our knowledge gaps on steam donkey matters with an interesting talk on donkey technical trivia.

Sahy O-Scale
Not all Shays had solid cabs. This O-scale model by Alfred Mullett features an open shed-roof style “cab” that made for great ventilation.

HO-Scal Rayonier
Pam Berrian-Johnston’s HO-scale Rayonier-based camp cook car forms the backdrop for Larry Winters’ O-scale water and tool car.

Frank Telewski and Scott Barrett
Frank Telewski and Scott Barrett, co-authors of “Logging Railroads of Weyerhaeuser’s Vail-McDonald Operation,” ( were on hand to provide a detailed talk about Weyerhaeuser equipment and operations.

Taylor Rush
Taylor Rush, our resident expert on all things Sumpter Valley Railroad, brought artifacts for display and gave a fine talk on the S.V.

Winter's Donkey
Larry Winters made his usual great showing in the model contest with this highly detailed O-scale donkey model.

Camp 18 Spar Tree
Camp 18 features the only full size, fully-rigged spar tree in the United States. It’s one of the many interesting displays on the grounds.


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